Our confocal is in place!

After more than 6 months of waiting, planing, arguing, more planing, we have our own old but still functional SP2 Leica confocal set in place. Of course, we lost some screws during its movement, but thanks to the great administrative skills of Helge, we have now all that is needed.  So, I have many thanks for:

  • Helge and Simona, which convinced the MIC platform not to retire this great machine (my favourite), and we promise that we’ll still use the MIC confocals (ofc, they have SP5 and SP8!);
  • MIC people, especially Hege and Endy, which took really good care of this machine that is now in our care;
  • Bård-Arne Pedersen from Ortomedic, which managed to put all the pieces back together in ONE day!