12th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Conference

NCSCRThe 12th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Meeting took place in Soria Moria, Oslo, on 29th and 30th of September.

The Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research was established in 2009 at the Oslo University Hospital-National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) through a directive from the Norwegian Ministry of Health, with funding administered by the Norwegian Research Council. The Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research is a facility dedicated to basic and translational stem cell research, technical training, and public education.

Luiza Ghila Oslo 2015

Our research group was represented by:

  • Luiza Ghila presented an integrated view of different aspects of disease mechanism, such as (1) factors involved in pancreatic beta-cell regeneration and (2) strategies to develop human models for diabetes research.
  • Simona Chera talked about the influence of age and aging in beta-cell regeneration.

In addition to the presentations held by PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, there were also two invited international speakers Pierre Bagnaninchi (University of Edinburgh) and Karim Si-Tayeb (Nantes University), and a special session on using EU´s Horizon 2020 program to help fund the stem cell research.

Soria Moria Oslo 2015