Constantin Berger joined the lab

ConstantinBerger_Ulriken (16)Before coming to Bergen, Constantin Berger was a Bachelor student in the research group of Marco Metzger, in Wuerzburg.  During his bachelor thesis, he worked on the differentiation of mESC to intestine cells (title: “Time-dependent characterization of intestine cells derived from murine embryonic stem cells in vitro”). He is currently doing the master program “Biomedical Science” at the Julius-Maximilians Universitity in Wuerzburg (due date September 2016).

He applied and received an ERASMUS scholarship for 3-months student apprentice in our laboratory. Constantin would like to gain a deeper insight into different fields of tissue engineering and, therefore, he is very interested in the research work with iPS cells. Also he was very excited to work with decellularized biological matrices, which was his main work subject at the institute in Wuerzburg.

Constantin will stay in Bergen until the end of October, working on a shared project between our group and Kamal Mustafa’s.


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