New Associate Professor: Simona Chera

simona_chera_4We wish to congratulate Simona for her new position: Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Science, UiB.

Simona defended her PhD in biology at the University of Geneva in 2008 in the laboratory of Prof. Brigitte Galliot where she worked with the genetic control mechanisms of cellular remodeling in Hydra. Since then she has been a postdoctoral fellow at Prof. Pedro Herrera’s laboratory at the University of Geneva. During this period she worked with pancreatic beta cell regeneration and cell plasticity. She has been a key co-author of two papers in Nature related to conversion (transdifferentiation) of alpha cells to insulin-producing beta cells and delta cells into insulin producing cells.

She is now working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine K2, UoB. She recently received the Novo Nordisk Foundation of Excellence Project 2015 and Young Research Talent grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

Simona’s work is presently focusing on understanding the causes of the progressive β-cell decay occurring in pathologic conditions like MODY (Mature Onset Diabetes of the Young). More details: here.